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Garrison Davis


A picture of a violent battle in Wulverblade

Wulverblade is an action-packed and bloody 2D sidescrolling beat 'em up game for PC and consoles. I worked collaboratively toward our multi-platform release as the main development force behind the PS4 version and took charge over much of the continued updates across all platforms after release.

  • Deeply invested in delivering highly polished releases under tight deadlines for all 4 platforms (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, & Steam).
  • Working with platform partners to submit over 16 updates and a physical version.
  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining many key systems: PS4 platform, drop-out co-op, Japanese localization, and more.

Crane Brain 3D

A visualization of a freestanding crane and dimensions in Crane Brain 3D

Crane Brain 3D is a visual sales tablet and desktop application for Gorbel Industries that enables sales employees to quickly generate product renderings in a configurable 3D space. My involvement with the app development covered many areas, including special attention to data storage/security and the art pipeline.

  • Ensuring stability and security of pricing/sales tool that regularly handles transactions valued above tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Enabling capability of one-click export from application to production as well offline accessibility.
  • Achieved extensible "decoration" art pipeline allowing for 28+ unique realistically-scalable decorations designed with instanced rendering in mind.

Marvel's Iron Man VR

The Iron Man VR Logo with Iron Man flying toward the viewer

Marvel's Iron Man VR is a PlayStation-exclusive free-flying first person shooter game telling the personal and heroic story of Tony Stark in a full-length campaign. I was most involved in the PS4-specific features, build process, and optimization including memory, performance, and profiling.

  • Working as a tightly-knit team across several timezones to meet firm deadlines and satisfy enourmous expectations for a world-class IP.
  • Improving user experience by creating a system to reduce initial install time/download size of the game by ~70% by adding the capability for content to download in the background during gameplay.
  • Creating cross-disciplinary tools and trackers used by QA, art, and production to record, budget, and analyze the performance of the game.


The République protagonist hiding from a distant enemy

République is "the original AAA mobile game"; an episodic, console-quality, narrative-driven stealth adventure game for mobile devices also available on consoles and PC. My work throughout the game's development includes gameplay scripting & development, bugfixing, and performance optimization across all 5 episodes.

  • Porting portions of internal and third-party systems to work on different platforms such as console and VR.
  • Taking ownership of and creating succinct documentation for platform-unique implementations of core systems such as save data and xml serialization.
  • Re-writing the saving system to be multithreaded and increase speed/performance by 8x without breaking/converting existing saves.